Cascade Mill District
Development Project

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City of Yakima Yakima County

Yakima Valley Council of Governments Washington State Department of Transportation

What's included?

The Cascade Mill Project features the 225 acres of the former Boise-Cascade mill property for redevelopment of mixed use, commercial and light industrial purposes. The site includes property on both sides of Interstate 82, extending to the Yakima River and taking in the Greenway trail, other recreation opportunities and habitat riparian corridors.

Project Goals

East-West Corridor

A new street corridor is planned to connect Terrace Heights to Yakima. This new road and river crossing is important to relieve traffic congestion on Terrace Heights Drive, East Yakima Avenue and the I-82 & Yakima Avenue Interchange. Eventually, the street will continue to Fruitvale Boulevard.

Freeway Access Improvements

Potential improved access from I-82 to the Cascade Mill site is under current coordination and review by WSDOT and FHWA. The City of Yakima and Yakima County are partners in effort to find acceptable modifications to the existing interchange system that would improve access to the Cascade Mill property from the freeway.

Cascade Mill Parkway

Access to the project site will be greatly enhanced by a planned North-South street that would connect to Fair Avenue near 10th Street and intersect the East-West Corridor at “H” Street. The new street will be developed as a boulevard, with landscaping, sidewalks, street lighting and limited access. The street will also provide a utility corridor into the area.

Environmental Cleanup

The project site contains numerous mill buildings, concrete pads, and assorted mill-related improvements that need to be removed, along with wood waste, environmental waste and remnants of a former municipal landfill. Geotechnical research and remediation plans are under development to determine the most effective and efficient methods to address site cleanup.

Planning for Redevelopment

Conversion of the now vacant mill property for redevelopment requires significant new infrastructure and environmental cleanup. The City of Yakima is working closely with the current property owners, Yakima County, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) to develop plans for new public streets, utilities and freeway access to the development site.

Infrastructure Funds from Washington State

The Yakima Revenue Development Area was created in 2008 when the City of Yakima received designation from Washington State to receive a $25 million award of Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT) funding for the area in the vicinity of the former mill. The LIFT designation utilizes sales and use taxes as a method of payment for improvements in roads and infrastructure, which are also used to match a limited amount of state contribution. With this designation, the City can bond for up to $50 million in public improvements.

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